SGD 52.20

Size LxBxH in mm : 276x280x5

Concept : 

Let us revisit the era of board games! Let’s Ludo! The ancient game of Ludo originated from Pachisi asks us to sit down with our family/friends, putting a pause to our monotonous routine and giving technology a break. The best part is the fun quotient that Ludo has to offer. It assures bonding, a little laughter and some healthy competition.


How to Use:

The Game Board, made of naturally seasoned teak wood, which is highly durable, naturally resistant and anti-microbial, absorbs negatove enerygy and emits positive energy.

The tokens are beautifully carved animal pieces to engage the littlest of children.


There is an instruction booklet with the game, just follow the rules and enjoy!



Creates and aura of love and bouts of laughter

Cherish the bonding and family time

Relax and detoxify


Naturally seasoned teak wood