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Size : LxBxH in mm 265x280x15

Concept :

Labyrinths are ancient symbols that denote wholeness; and serve as powerful meditation tools. Trace the path to the center and out of the labyrinth using your finger. Feel the journey all its way with closed eyes. Notice how the Labyrinth connects you with your inner self and the Highest Consciousness

How to Use:

Take deep breaths to begin to relax and focus on the entrance to the labyrinth.
Close your eyes and place your index finger at the entrance of the labyrinth
Move your finger along the groove of the labyrinth, thus tracing your path towards the center of it. Try to do this as slowly as possible, in absolute awareness; focusing completely on the ‘journey’.
The twisty and curvy nature of the labyrinth path may confuse you initially; and you may feel you’re going nowhere. At this moment, resist the temptation to open your eyes. Just relax and move along to where it takes you.
Reaching to the center of the labyrinth denotes ‘arriving’ at a Divine destination. It is like culminating into oneness with the Supreme Source.
Rest here for a while with your eyes still closed.
Whenever you feel like, retrace your path out of the labyrinth, without opening your eyes.
Feel the calmness and oneness with self for some time
Now open your eyes slowly, sit back and relax.


The Labyrinth is a powerful tool to make your meditation easy and connect with your higher consciousness

It brings instant relaxation and peace

It helps slow down your thoughts, pause the inner chaos and makes you stay in the present moment

It improves your awareness levels, keeping you mindful throughout the day

Over long term use, the labyrinth will enhance your spiritual quotient. You'll notice improvement in your happiness, contentment, peace and overall quality of life.