Go Green

Go Green

The Concept of Green

The Concept of Green

Our natural resources are limited
Save them for our children!
We take from Nature-so give back!
There is no other way!

Is Green practical?

Sure it is, if we try!
Use natural fibres,instead of synthetic ones
Conserve and do not waste
Be aware of the finiteness of our resources

Green is Reduce

By resuing as far as possible, we will be able to reduce the amount of resources we need. This is simple and a direct result of our first effort of re-use

Green is Recycle

Finally, whatever we use, we should make sure that it is easily recyclable. A natural fibre can be bio-degraded without much harm to the atmosphere. Plastic requires that much more energy and releases much toxic waste. If it is not decomposed, it will clog our natural water systems.

How are we Green?

Use jute and cotton
These are natural fibres that can be bio-degraded
They have a long shelf life and is reusable many times
Apply this concept to all walks of life

D'Arts and Designs is Green!

Our products are made from natural material
They are strong, durable and trendy
Jute and cotton bags last longer than paper bags!
We can use eco-friendly ink for dyeing and printing on request!