Affirmation Slab - Kitchen

SGD 20.50

Size LxBxH in mm : 207x93x11

Concept : Read, Repeat, Manifest

An ‘affirmation’ is an intention that is repeated to oneself to reinforce a belief or a feeling. When we repeat an affirmation several times a day, it becomes a part of our subconscious mind and belief system. Consequently, our aura changes; and affirmations manifest as miracles that bring about favourable changes around us.

How to Use:

Hang or place this slab prominently visible in your kitchen. Before starting work, read the affirmation with all your consciousness, promising to fulfil your ‘purpose’. Each time you cook, remind yourself to instil a feeling of utmost happiness and love to the food that you make.


When we read and repeat these affirmations several times a day, they start turning to reality. Our food turns divine, keeping us and our family in the pink of health. Over time, we will notice a positive difference in our overall well being, happiness and prosperity