The Now Cube - 6 Dimensions of Awareness

SGD 23.40

Size : LxBxH in mm 48x48x50

Contact Us for personalised awareness sessions using these simple tools led by a qualified Meditation Master.

Concept : ’Now’ is the only time in our control.
The aim of The Now Cube is to bring us back to the present moment through simple practices that will make a larger difference. Being in “Now” is necessary as it brings in a sense of calmness, relaxation, enjoyment and fulfillment. It increases the energy levels of the body and thus enhances creativity and intelligence. It helps a person make wiser decisions and come to deeper and more meaningful solutions.

How To Use : 

Grab the cube, roll it and instantly do as it says – mindfully. With each number comes a unique activity that will help us focus on being in “Now”.


This product helps you practice "living in the moment"which has significant life changing benefits.

It takes away stress and anxiety and makes you feel relaxed, energised and aware instantly.

These practices make you more focused and efficient since your mind is at peace.

Naturally seasoned teak wood