Dream Wheel - Visualise, Emotionalise, Energise, Actualise

SGD 46.50

Size LxBxH in mm: 110x110x135

Concept : Visualize, Emotionalize, Energize, Actualize

Never underestimate the power of dream and the magic of visualization, What you Focus on, you will Manifest!

How to use:

The Dream Wheel asks you to stop for a moment, take a tiny pause, recognize your dreams and use the incredible tool of visualization to draw positivity and design and execute your life the way you see it.

Note down your dream/thought in a piece of paper and fold it neatly. It could also be a picture of something you aspire to have/become or a magazine/newspaper cut out of something you desire. Put this folded piece of paper in the Dream Wheel and Energize it (spin it gently with full awareness and mindfulness). While you spin the wheel, visualize your dream, feel it and live it! Close your eyes while you do so, take a deep breath and believe in the fulfilment of your dreams. However, when you do so, have complete faith in the intentions of the universe and the strength of positive vibrations, do not question as to “how” your dream will be fulfilled



The Dream Wheel helps you design your life and be the sole creator of everything beautiful that comes your way.

Avails you to attract positivity and materialize the intention of your dream / thought

You remain foucssed and valiant.


Wood, Glass