Happy Home Toran

SGD 31.90

Size in mm : L-2350 mm,
Wooden Trinagle 6 nos
Triangle Size- 90 each side


Toran is a Devanagri word that means "dangler" or a "hanging". This wooden Toran brings to you some of the essential virtues that spread the essence of happiness in a family:

Appreciation, Gratitude, Love, Prayer, Forgiveness and Acceptance

A happy home is made by happy home-mates! The Toran (Dangler) brings to you beautiful virtues that strengthen bonding within the family; by spreading the essence of happiness and harmony.

How to use:

Hang the Toran at a prominent place, such as a door frame. Choose one or more of the virtues and consciously practice them with your family members every day. Encourage your family members to do the same; and experience an upliftment in the family vibes!


When all members of the family practice this regularly, the whole vibe of the home changes. You bring in a wave of happiness and harmony with each other.

Naturally seasoned teak wood