Gratitude Box

SGD 48.00

Size LxBxH in mm : 115 x 70 x 60

Concept :

* Uniquely designed box that helps you express your gratitude
* Has a hand-painted body has a hand-stitched lid; with a powerful gratitude affirmation inscribed on it
* 21 teakwood ‘Gratitude Tokens’ with a Lotus and ‘Thank You’ engraved on them
* Give out a gratitude token to express your deep thankfulness to someone; and make the moment special for them!
* Feeling gratitude and expressing thankfulness brings happiness and prosperity

How to Use :

Start recognizing moments and incidences that you can be and should be thankful about – an act of helpfulness, a gesture of kindness or a deed of selflessness. Whenever you feel helped, supported, obliged or cared for; make these moments special for the one who created them for you.
Let them know they matter and have made a difference. Surprise them by gifting a 'GRATO' with a personalized message and a sincere feeling of gratitude. Not only you'll acknowledge and appreciate their support but also have a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment for yourself!

Consistent practice of pure gratitude changes our perspective and makes us focus on the positive aspects of life.

It makes us value the goodness in others and appreciate small and big things that exist and happen.In the process, we become more humble,compassionate and prosperous.

This manifests happiness and abundance in our life and we start experiencing miracles around us.

Naturally seasoned teak wood