Energizer Trivet

SGD 41.40

Size LxBxH in mm : 149x149x7

Concept : Infuse Loving Divine Energy

The human body consists of 72% water and it is, in fact, a constituent of every cell of the body. Water is the most powerful substance and can alter the body’s ‘vibrations’ to a great level. Hence, exposing water to positive vibrations and healing energy before consuming can have the same effect on you.

How to use:

This is a elegant trivet made of naturally seasoned teak wood with a Mai-Yur-Ma symbol in the centre, in a lovely artwork or steel inlay on wood.

Keep this trivet anywhere, at work, in the kitchen or on the bedside table to consciously energize the water you consume. Place a jug or glass of water over the Mai-Yur-Ma symbol to infuse it with Loving Divine Energy (positive and healing vibrations). You can also place a bowl of fruits/salad, glass of juice or anything edible on this trivet to consciously energize it.



Your body is infused with positive, loving and healing energy which magnifies your aura.

Naturally seasoned teak wood