Staying Mindful and Balanced During Quarantine

Singapore being such an active travel hub, did we ever imagine a time without regular getaways, big and small to places near and far? Now travel planning includes another aspect – the 14 days’ quarantine when we get back home. How does one plan and prepare for this?

Technology has helped a lot in easing this time when we must isolate from friends and family. With a good internet connection, we can still be connected. Use it to your advantage in keeping connected. Work from home keeps one busy through the day. Online content helps ease the after work hours. Download fitness apps to keep those fitness goals alive. Now is a good time to set new targets and test your limits! Count how many circles you need to take around your bed to complete your 10000 steps for the day. Discover new ways of running in place. Squats and pushups don’t need any equipment except some will power!

It is also necessary to use this time to reflect and meditate, something we tend to ignore when we are always rushing from one engagement to another, from one appointment to the next. Practice with the Now Cube and make it a part of your daily practice. The Now Cube simplify reinforces 6 ways of calming and destressing while slowing down our daily pace. One Happy Thought. Two Deep Breaths. Three Gratitude Thoughts. Four Sips of Water. Five Seconds of Smile. Six Moments of Relaxation. All very basic parts of our being but yet so forgotten in our busy lives. Keep the cube in front of you as you work and integrate these habits as a part of your life even after the quarantine ends. Maybe some good will come of this fortnight after all.

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