Tips to create a cosy corner in your home for peace of mind

With the lines between work and home being blurred during the past year, it is important now more than ever to take the first step toward the well-being of your mental health and create a calm corner in your home. This corner will be your sanctuary to take refuge in. To unwind in. To truly switch off work for a few moments and recharge.

Often, people tend to neglect their mental health for many reasons. But it's extremely important to keep reminding yourself that the well-being of mental health is equally, if not more, important than your physical health.

Half of the battle is won if your mind is at peace. While it's imperative to understand that one must seek professional help if and when the need be, just like they would when they catch a common cold or fever, it's equally important to make conscious attempts to keep one's mental health in check. From giving yourself the 'me-time' often to taking out a few minutes in a day for a dedicated meditation session to even switching off from the world time to time; whatever floats your boat to maintain sanity. 

A small but significant change can also come from your surroundings. For instance, if you live with your friends, family members, or your partner, you still require a corner that is all about you. It should be a corner where you find yourself at complete peace, without any disturbance or distraction.

For bibliophiles, it can be a book corner, for the ones who love to dance, it can be a mini in-house dance studio and for the ones who love gardening, it can be a green corner with plants; depending on what you love you can decide the kind of corner you'd want to create. But if you are confused, you can always start by creating a small space for meditation at your home. 

Tips to create a cosy corner (Instagram/ White Light Elements India)

Kainaz Postwala, Co-Founder of White Light Elements, explains why a corner might also be the key to mental well-being. She stresses that having a dedicated space for meditation is imperative since one's mind is always tuned in a particular manner. "It associates itself with spaces & the routines. When you sit on a bed, your brain knows the body is supposed to rest. When we sit on a dining table, the body knows it's supposed to eat. So having a dedicated space helps your brain tune itself with relaxation and having zero thoughts," she said. 

Tips to create a cosy corner in your home for mental peace:

  1. It’s very important to select a corner at home which is nice and clean. 
  2. You can lay down a meditation mat and place some cushions that act as a back-rest. 
  3. Have a minimal alter with a bell, candle and incense sticks. Lighting a candle and incense stick invites calming energy and the sound of the bell gives your mind a signal to pause after which you can begin your meditation. 
  4. If you meditate, observe the thoughts, images and sounds that come in your mind, slowly coming back to your breath. It’s very important to focus on your breath.
  5. Further, you can also add positive affirmations in your living space; from cushions to cups. 

She also said that the daily practice of meditation can help one to attain a relaxed and calm approach, irrespective of favourable or unfavourable situations.

In Gratitude to : Kainaz Postwalla, Co-founder, White Light Elements


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